A serendipitous path to doing what we love.

In 2014, founder and owner of Vudoo Wood, John Vu, quit his job as a corporate chef in downtown Orlando to launch a catering company. Haute Noodle, a Vietnamese-inspired street-cart food concept, was an homage to his family food and culture. To help fund the venture, John turned to what was then a backyard hobby and woodworking shop.

With a degree in graphic design and years of experience working under his father, a general contractor and master welder, John knew a thing or two about woodworking. Some of the early backyard projects were a chevron-pattern farm table, a 12x12-foot modular wall unit, and a custom 'pit stop' dog bed.

As luck would have it, an old friend invited John to tour Factur, a state-of-the-art fabrication lab fully equipped with a wood shop, metal shop, laser etcher and more. Here was a place John could combine his talents in construction, design, and oddly enough, food. John joined the organization and almost immediately set out to start building a mobile food cart for Haute Noodle.

However, fate had another path in mind. With access to all that Factur offers, John's woodworking capabilities grew overnight. Each subsequent project inspired us. Orders started coming in, and before we knew it, Vudoo Wood had emerged. (And for the time being, Haute Noodle was put on hold.)

Today, Vudoo Wood encompasses a variety of design, woodworking and reclaimed services:

  • Artisan woodworking
  • Custom etching and signage
  • Wood restoration and upcycle
  • Metal fabrication
  • Residential and commercial remodeling
  • Demolition and salvage
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Design consulting

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